TonyKrug.info is a site that serves the classes taught by Dr. Tony Krug at Johnson University.
Senior Saints 

Morning Workshops
Touched by an Angel Bible Studies (2014-16)
Seeing God in the Twilight Zone (2013)
Legacy Blogs (2012)

Afternoon Outings
Sam Houston Schoolhouse (2016)
Little River Railroad Museum & Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center (2016)
Hatfield & McCoys Dinner Theater (2016)
Museum of Appalachia/Norris Dam (2016)
Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, Vonore TN (2015)
Bush Beans Museum, Chestnut Hill, TN (2013-16)

Afternoon Sessions
Movies for the Soul - "Reading Kate" (2018)
The Perfect Stranger Trilogy (2017)

Chapel Small Group (Undergraduates)
"Seeing God in the Twilight Zone" (2012-2015)
Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET)

CPED 5103 Computer Architecture
Semester (Fall 2018) / Session (Fall 2018)

CPED 5213 Putting Your Class on the Web
Semester (Fall 2018) 
Session (Fall 2018)

CPED 5313 Internet of Things 
Semester / Session (Spring 2019)

CPED 5323 Multimedia
Semester International / Semester 
Session (Spring 2018)

CPED 5413 Game-Based Learning
Session (Spring 2018)

Master of Arts in Holistic Education (MAHE)

CPED 5603 Tools for the Teacher (
May Mornings)
Part 1          
Part 2 - Team Taught with Dr. C Templar
Education Specialist in Technology (EdS-T)

CPED 6203 Educational Technology Leadership (Summer, Second Session, Online)

CPED 7402 Capstone Project I 
(Fall Semester, Online)
Team Taught with Dr. C. Templar

CPED 6403 Technology Integrated Learning Environments 
Spring, First Session, Online)

CPED 7412 Capstone Project II 
(Spring Semester, Online)
Team Taught with Dr. C. Templar

CPED 6503 Coding for Elementary & Secondary Students (Fall Semester, Second Session, Online)  
2nd Part of 2 Parts - 
Team Taught with Dr. C. Templar

CPED 7303 Unmanned Aerial Systems
(Summer, First Session, Monday-Friday, online; 
Friday evenings & Saturdays on campus)