TonyKrug.info is a site that serves the classes currently taught by Dr. Tony Krug at Johnson University.

Senior Saints

Morning Workshops

Touched by an Angel Bible Studies (2014-16)

Seeing God in the Twilight Zone (2013)

Legacy Blogs (2012)

Afternoon Outings

Sam Houston Schoolhouse (2016)

Little River Railroad Museum & Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center (2016)

Hatfield & McCoys Dinner Theater (2016)

Museum of Appalachia/Norris Dam (2016)

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, Vonore TN (2015)

Bush Beans Museum, Chestnut Hill, TN (2013-16)

Afternoon Sessions

Movies for the Soul - "Reading Kate" (2018)

The Perfect Stranger Trilogy (2017)


Chapel Small Group (Undergraduates)

"Seeing God in the Twilight Zone" (2012-2015)

Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET)

CPED 5103 Computer Architecture

Semester (Fall 2018) / 2nd Session (Fall 2019)

CPED 5213 Putting Your Class on the Web

Semester (Fall 2018)

1st Session (Fall 2019)

CPED 5313 Internet of Things

Semester / 1st Session (Spring 2020)

CPED 5323 Multimedia Semester

2nd Session (Spring 2020)

CPED 5413 Game-Based Learning

2nd Session (Spring 2020)

Education Specialist in Technology (EdS-T)

CPED 6203 Educational Technology Leadership

(Summer, 2nd Session, Online)

CPED 6403 Technology Integrated Learning Environments

(Spring, First Session, Online)

CPED 6503 Coding for Elementary & Secondary Students

(Fall , 2nd Session, Pt 2, Online)

Team Taught / Dr. C. Templar

CPED 7303 Unmanned Aerial Systems

(Summer, 1st Session, 1st Pt)

M-F, online & F eve / Sat In-Class

CPED 7402 Capstone Project I

(Fall Semester, Online)

Team Taught / Dr. C. Templar

CPED 7412 Capstone Project II

(Spring , Online)

Team Taught / Dr. C. Templar

CPED 7423 Emerging Technologies I

(Summer, 1st Session, 2nd Pt, 1st week)

M-F, online & F eve / Sat In-Class

Team Taught / Dr. C. Templar